Developmental Services


Child & Family Consultants provide the following Special Needs Resources for licensed childcare providers:

  • Classroom consultations and program recommendations;
  • Education, support, and coaching for early years professionals and families;
  • Informal developmental screening and collaborative goal-setting;
  • Community-based case management; and
  • Community-wide service planning.

As part of our Infant Development Program, we also provide the above specialized services to families with infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children in home and/or community settings.

Click here to download the 6 F-Words for Child Development Poster.

Developmental Support Worker (DSW) Program

This program offers intensive training support for early years professionals providing inclusive licensed childcare programming for children ages 0-6 years, as well as pre-approved recreational programming for children ages 0-13. Support is provided based on a temporary basis according to the measured need of the early learning classroom/group and available Special Needs Resources.


CKCS supports inclusive childcare


School Transition

For children starting Kindergarten, the Child & Family Consultant will collaborate with the School Board (St. Clair Catholic or Lambton Kent) and the Children's Treatment Centre to support a seamless transition to school.


How to Make a Referral

Parents/guardians usually refer their children for service. With the family's permission, community partners (such as child care staff, doctors, etc.) can also make a referral.

If you have questions or concerns about a child's development or behaviour, Call (519) 352-0440 (Press 2) or E-mail

Community partners may use this form to make a referral.

Frequently Asked Questions